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2009 was our 50th Year!

Old Dominion NAWCC Chapter 34


Sunday, October11, 2015


10:30 AM Exhibit Opens
  Mart Opens
11:15 AM Program Part I
12:00 Noon Luncheon
Following Lunch Business Meeting
  Program Part II

Crowne Plaza Williamsburg at Fort Magruder
6945 Pocahontas Trail - Williamsburg, Virginia

Randy Naber's revised 2012 material list and directions for refinishing clock cases (Link)

Program 11:15 a.m.

The American Black Mantel Clock: A Tale of Two Patents

Presented by Randolph W. Randy Naber

Old Dominion Chapter No. 34 member and vice president presents a practical overview of the history and case patents applied to the original finishing of black mantle clocks. The presentation emphasizes the design and components of the clocks with a look at the details of Edward Ingraham’s Japanning Patent and the Seth Thomas Adamantine Patent. Many clock examples from Randy’s collection are shown.

Following Business Meeting

The Half Deadbeat Escapement

Video Presentation by David J. LaBounty

As a blend of recoil and deadbeat escapements, the half deadbeat escapement used on many American mantel clocks, particularly those made by Ingraham, New Haven and Waterbury, is often troublesome and difficult to adjust. Learn how to identify the problem, remove wear, calculate lift angles and troubleshoot this frequently encountered escapement. Certified at the highest level in both the United States and Great Britain, David J. LaBounty, CMS, FBHI, NAWCC Lifetime Member, AWI is one of the most capable professionals in the world in restoring antique clocks. The program is presented with the permission of the author.

Previous Programs

Michael W. Tyler, President
Randolph W. Naber, Vice President
Judy Draucker, Secretary Contact Judy
Janet L. Tyler- Treasurer

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